Inside Wealthy Affiliate – September 2020

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Happy Fall! Well maybe for some of you? I’m in Texas so we dont really have a Fall but at least the temps are under 100 now:)

What’s happening at Wealthy Affiliate this week ? Wealthy Affiliate is a pretty happening community. No matter what time you log on there’s always tons of people chatting, there are new blogs, new trainings, new success stories. Very energizing and motivating place.

Google Loves Wealthy Affiliate Hosted Websites!

Today there is a discussion on Google ranking websites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate. Yes Wealthy Affiliate has in house hosting. Did you know that website rankings can be impacted by slow hosting?

Why do websites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate rank well in the search engines ?

  • Excellent site speed rating with an average page loading of 1.3 seconds
  • Websites hosted at WA are double hosted, meaning that if your website were to go down for some reason, they have a “mirror” of your website running at all times
  • Websites hosted at WA are secure from hacking and malware
  • WA provides backup every 24 hours


Success Is Happening Everyday At Wealthy Affiliate

Everyone’s goal is to make money in affiliate marketing, that’s the main goal right? But there are little successes along the way that you must acknowledge and everyday inside Wealthy Affiliate people are posting success stories.

Lets take a look at some success stories posted today at Wealthy Affiliate


does wealthy affiliate work

This piece of success is from Emak and she has been continuously working on her website, following the training at Wealthy Affiliate and she’s making sales! What I love about her is that she is very positive and she understands that if she can reach this goal then she can reach any goal.

Her ultimate goal is to do affiliate marketing fulltime and quit her job. She has her vision and she’s not losing sight of it. Today she shared a small success of sales she got through amazon from her affiliate site and knows much more success is right around the corner! So excited for her!

Here is a bit of what she shared…


This is “littlemama” and she started as a complete newbie 4 years ago and is now doing affiliate marketing fulltime. This woman rocks! I’ve learned a lot from her. Today she posted about her 4 year anniversary at Wealthy Affiliate. Here is a little of what she had to say

Fridays Live Training

Every Friday there is a live training on a new topic. These are live with chat and Q & A’s. All the trainings are recorded if you miss it. This Friday the live training is “How to build a post from scratch with block editor”.

how to build a post from scratch with block editor

Updates To Training  

I’m always reading online checking out other affiliate marketing training courses that I can recommend here on my blog. I noticed a review done on Wealthy Affiliate and they stated the training is outdated. The trainings and lessons are constantly getting updated. Remember WA started in 2005, everything can not be updated overnight, But the core training is definitely current.

There are more than 1,000 training modules, 400 + live classes, 100,000s of helpful blog post and more than 2 million members here taking advantage of the education.


Training For Beginners And Experienced

I’ve always said Wealthy Affiliate is the best place for beginners to start learning about how to make money online but there are a lot of resources here for experienced marketers too.

Maybe you already have a website and you want to learn how to get more traffic. Maybe your struggling. If you came to WA with a website, I would recommend starting with the entrepreneur certification training, your going to gain a lot from it and will move through it faster than a complete newbie. You can also search within WA on any topic regarding affiliate marketing, website building, WordPress, SEO, Content creation ect   that you want and learn about it

Building Websites At Wealthy Affiliate

Building a website is super easy, it takes literally a few minutes to get it up and running.

All websites at Wealthy Affiliate come with industry leading hosting, easy to personalize with thousands of themes and unlimited customizations.

As a member at Wealthy Affiliate you will build a website and then get training on how to turn that website into a money making machine! Its so cool!

There are many tools inside WA but lets take a look at websites.  like I said building it literally takes a few minutes. Once you have your site up and you have had it for a few months you can check the site health by going to site manager in WA. You can do things such as check your site speed and check to see if your site is indexed in Google.

Site content is where you can create content such as a post or page for your site. You can do this through WordPress or through Site content which is a part of WA. Some advantages of creating content through site content are being able to use a template which makes it easy to make sure you are writing enough words and paragraphs, it makes sure you have enough headings and they are in the right place. It has spell check, you can upload images from here and pretty much everything else you can do in WordPress but its a template so it makes it a lot easier.

Site Support is always available as well as site feed back. Site feedback lets you request feedback from others in the community about your site, pretty cool. You can also ask them to leave you comments 🙂

When you build a website your building the foundation for your business. Its fun and exciting. you do not have to worry about any technical stuff, you can leave that to them. The most important part is going to be learning how to put quality content onto your site over and over again.

free affiliate marketing training


Have questions, ask below in comments !

Stay well,




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