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My name is Kelly

Welcome to Up & Running. I’ve created this site to help people start their own online business from scratch! Learn how to use affiliate marketing  to make a full time income online.

Before I started this site , I knew absolutely nothing about making websites or affiliate marketing.

I owe every single thing I have learned to Wealthy Affiliate. I was a dental assistant for 20 years and I loved what I did but was tired of the same ol thing and wasn’t going to grow my income much more. I DID NOT want to go back to school and rack up thousands in student loan debt so I could go work for someone else again and have them tell me how much money I can make and so forth.

I’ve always been fascinated with entrepreneurship and making my own money, I’ve tried MLMs, selling on eBay and different things. Once I found Wealthy Affiliate I had a Aha moment. This is it!

I do not work for Wealthy Affiliate, I work for myself. They just teach me how to do it, host my website, support, train, mentor and they are the best place to learn online business.

I decided to make my website about creating your own online business because it is a passion of mine to help others and see them succeed and change their current circumstance they may be stuck in.

There is so much opportunity online( scams too so watch out) to make money and once you realize the power of the internet and how anyone can learn, its truly a wide open space to go where ever you want!

Whatever your goals are they CAN be reached with consistent hard work and I am here to help you get started and succeed.

Join me in the journey! 

Kelly 😉

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