How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business For Beginners

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An online business is the best business to start right now because the internet is used so widely. Everyone goes online to get help or look for a service or product. Even before Covid it was booming and it will continue.

Online is where it’s at and the coolest part is anyone can make money online. The days are over where if you didn’t have money or a degree you couldn’t start a business.

I get so excited talking about it. It’s the reason for this website! I’m passionate about helping others find this opportunity and teaching them how to get started.

In this post I am going to show you how to start an affiliate marketing business for beginners!

Step One – What Will Your Niche Be ?

OK, So as an affiliate marketer your going to have a website. Before we go into making that website. Let’s talk about what your website is going to be all about. You may already know or you may not have a clue or you may change your mind after reading this.

What is a niche? what is a niche audience

A niche is a very small, specialized part of a market. It’s best to focus your website around a narrow subject or niche. This will be your audience!

A lot of people think that if they have a small audience then they will not have a big reach and will not make money but this is far from the truth. Niche markets are HUGE, Even though it is a niche it still has millions of people and it is much easier to leverage your business this way. It sets you apart from the competition because it allows you to be unique and add lots of value and that is what people want. If your business ( website ) is about everything, it’s hard to be excellent at everything.

When you focus on one small part of a market, you can become the absolute best at it and scale it much easier and faster than talking about a bunch of stuff you know a little about. People and Google want value and if you can be that person, that business. You will do really well.

So right now change your mindset to think specialized, If your passionate about hiking, instead of your website being about hiking, it could be on hiking boots or hiking backpacks. People searching for the best hiking backpack is a niche.

Finding Your Niche

You may already know your perfect niche, If so that’s awesome! That is a success! If you need to help ? Think about these things

  • Do you have any hobbies?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • Do you know a lot about something, have you been in a particular career for a long time and know more about something than most people ?
  • What are you passionate about ? Do have more knowledge on a subject than most people ? Think about what podcasts you typically listen to or what you enjoy reading?

Once you discover what your niche will be, see if you can scale it down a little to be even more narrow. You want to think about how could people need help in this area, put yourself in their shoes.

At the end of this post I have attached a really helpful lesson and video on niches if you would like a little more insight!

Step 2 – Set Up Your Website ( and get some free training )

How do you set up a website? It’s very easy actually. I recommend starting a free website through SiteRubix. It is a WordPress website which is what you want.

The reason I recommend SiteRubix is because after you get it set up which takes about 1 minute. Your going to have access to free training that shows you how to make money from that website. All the fundamentals from setting up your site to making money! For free! So take advantage of it!

how to build a free website

Once you get your framework of your website up and are proceeding with your content and are comfortable with your chosen niche you can buy your own domain. Having your own domain is basically your piece of the internet that you will own. It is your websites address. Mine is .

The reason I recommend starting with the free website is once you decide on your domain name, you can’t change it. I’ve seen a lot of people get their website up, buy their domain name and a few months later their niche slightly changes and they want to change their domain name. It’s very simple to transfer your free SiteRubix site to domain.

Your own domain is going to cost you about $13 a year! Yeah, much cheaper than owning your own brick and mortar store!


Step 3 – Get To Work! Let It Shine

So you have a niche, you have your website all set up. The training I recommended showed you how to get your website ready for search engines and maybe you have already bought your own domain! It’s time to start putting some content on that website. Content = traffic and traffic = money! Your job going forward is going to be creating quality for your website.

This is where what your passionate about, what your good at, what you know a lot about gets to shine! And before you know it the people in your niche are going to be at your website learning from you and taking your recommendations and ultimately clicking on your affiliate links and making purchases.

Content Content – Oh and Content

In the beginning this is going to be very important because to get your site to rank in the search engines you need to be producing content. At least 2 post a week! Google needs to see that your site is going to be an authoritative site. Google wants to know your delivering quality information to visitors. Don’t worry, you do not have to be a “writer”. Just write as if your talking to someone.

Once your site gets nice and developed your going to see it ranking in the search engines, your going to start getting some organic traffic. Before that happens you can share your posts and websites across social media. You can get a ton of traffic this way too.

Step 4 – Keep Learning And Growing ( and do not look back )

Wow, You already have a website you built for free and you have gotten free training on how to get your website up and running and how to make money from it. Pretty impressive. This is the start of your own online business. If you keep learning and growing within industry you are going to be successful. Do you feel excited? You should!

How can you stay informed and up to date with affiliate marketing?

  • Read about it! Be curious, there is information everywhere if you look for it
  • Sign up for Google alerts
  • Become a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate ( it’s cheap up to date knowledge for affiliate marketers )
  • Ask questions on blogs like mine
  • Look out for scams that want to teach you for thousands of Dollars

*Video On Choosing Your Niche Below ( click on the image below ). There is a lesson and a helpful video on niches!

Get Started – What Are You Waiting For ?

  1. Create your free website 
  2. Recieve free training on setting it up for success
  3. Create Content
  4. Keep learning

Please leave comments and questions below !

Take Care!

Kelly 🙂


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