SEO Keyword Research Tool – An In Depth Look Into JAAXY !

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There are millions and millions of brand new keywords being searched every day! It is important that you have an accurate keyword search tool. With Jaaxy you are going to be able to quickly discover unique keywords so you can use them to better your SEO.

Today I am going to be showing you what all you can do with Jaaxy. I will also go over how to choose low competition keywords!

Its More Than Just A Keyword Search Tool


seo keyword research tool

As you can see above, the example shows the keyword New York, You can scroll down, click on a keyword that makes sense and has the criteria your looking for. Let’s go through each

  • Avg. – the average number of searches that keyword receives per month. You can save the keywords you like as well as go back and look at your search history.
  • Traffic – the amount of traffic you can expect to get when ranking on the first page of a search engine.
  • QSR – ( Quoted Search Results ) – the number of competing websites ranked for this exact keyword.
  • KQI – ( Keyword Quality Indicator ) – Green is great, yellow is OK and red is poor
  • SEO – this is a score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score, the more likely to rank on the first page with the chosen keyword ( 1 – 100 )
  • Domains – availability of domains related to your keyword
  • Brainstorm – As you can see on the right there is a brainstorm and related section which gives you more ideas related to the keyword or keyword phrase you typed in, this is very helpful as it just opens up possibilities and great if you ever keel stuck or brain fogged.

More Awesome Tools



Alphabet Soup

At the top you will see alphabet soup which is a technique using google instant to see what people are searching for, it’s a great start for finding keywords. I recommend using it before the actual keyword search, you can do this outside of Jaaxy as well just using Google but if your using Jaaxy anyway it’s very convenient.

How to use alphabet soup to help you find keywords

You know how when you start typing something in Google and things start popping up. So what you do is type in your keyword then after that type the letter a and whatever automatically pops up is what people are searching for. The phrase closer to the top is being searched more. Do it using b and c and so on. You can do this within Jaaxy or just using Google. This is an excellent way to find keywords galore!

seo keyword research tool

Once you find keywords using this method, plug them into the keyword search and analyze them there. Remember low competition keywords are what your looking for.

How To Find Low Competition Keywords

Affiliate Programs

Search Jaaxy for relevant affiliate programs in your niche

Search Analysis – Another Awesome Tool

Analyse your competition, discover SEO trends. Jaaxy lets you type in your keyword and it will pull up other sites ranking on the first page with keywords similar to yours, you can view details on their site to see why they are ranking so good and so forth but it’s very helpful to have this info while doing keyword research


Site Rank – Spy On Your Competition

Track historical rankings, monitor your website authority. Basically you put in your keyword and the website URL and Jaaxy performs a search to see where your website ranks under that keyword. Pretty cool! Jaaxy will also store your search history here so you can see if your moving up or down

Try For Free

If your a member of Wealthy Affiliate you get the Lite version for free. Wealthy Affiliate provides it’s members with training, software, hosting and a free Jaaxy Lite account for $49 a month and you can get your feet wet for free. If your struggling with your online business or need legit training from experienced marketers then it’s a no brainer! GET STARTED TODAY!


So there is it, A look into JAAXY, Go ahead and try it out, as always let me know if you have any questions

Take Care,


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