Should Your Niche Be A Passion Of Yours Or Not ?

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I learned all about affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate. I started without knowing anything about online business or affiliate marketing. I didn’t even know what a niche was. But I have seen a lot online about choosing a niche for your business. Some say it should stem from a passion you have and some say no.

What Should Your Niche Be ?

The first thing one has to determine before starting an online business, Their Niche. Should it be something you are passionate about ?what is a good niche

People get into affiliate marketing because of the opportunity that is online and the fact that it is so easy for just about anyone to start. I mean all you need is a computer and internet and there is no limit on how much money one can make.

When people first start, they want a niche that will make them money. That’s all they care about. Well the niche itself isn’t going to make the money. A successful affiliate site is run by someone who writes on a particular subject or niche.

Why would you want to write about something that doesn’t interest you or something you are not passionate about?

Do You Need To Be An Expert In Your Niche?

Absolutely not. Your niche should be something that your interested in. If you have an interest but know nothing about it, then you will write about that interest as you learn about it and if your really interested in it then the process will be enjoyable.

If you choose a niche based only on the fact that you think it will make a lot of money, you will have a hard time writing about it. Your going to be spending a lot of time on your website and you want it to enjoyable. That is one of the great things about this business is that it is yours, you get to choose! How many years have you been working at a job for someone else doing things the way they wanted them done, were you passionate about what you were doing?


“But My Interest Isn’t Popular And Won’t Make Money”

Another thing you may be thinking is that your interest or whatever your passionate about isn’t popular and therefor it won’t make you money. WRONG! There are others out there with the same interest as you and they may be searching for advice or products within the niche and there just may be a need for it.

As a matter of fact your niche is probably going to do just as good if not better than a saturated “popular” niche. What you think is a small unpopular niche actually has millions of people in it. Your likely filling a needed gap

So What Is Your Niche Going To be ?

What is your hobby, what are you passionate about, what are you interested in learning more about or helping others with? You do want to dig into your niche a little to get it more “specialized” Remember a small niche can have millions of people in it. It is really not small and it has more potential than a large niche.

These small specialized areas of a niche are much easier to monetize than a large highly saturated subject. There is a lot of competition.what is a niche

For example say your interested in camping and you want to have a website within the camping niche. I’ve done some quick research on Google as well as the Wealthy Affiliate keyword research tool and I have come up with a few great ideas for niche websites within camping.

Camping => camping gear => best camping gear for backpacking

Camping => camping cooking => camping cooking set

Camping gear for kids

Best backpacks for camping

There are a lot and you can even break it down more and by learning how to do keyword research you will know what people are looking for and this helps guide you to know what to write about.

You can do this with any interest.


I do believe your site should be on something you are passionate about since you will be engulfing yourself in it. Remember you do not need to be an expert in it but you will become one as you research and write about it on your site. You will be attracting people to your site by how you feel and how you present your topic.

No one can say what you say the exact way you say it, So do not worry about other sites similar to yours. You will attract people like you!

Affiliate marketing is an opportunity to have your own business without needing a bunch of money and if you learn how to be successful with it you can make a nice full time income and be your own boss. Learning things like niche research is just one thing. If you feel passionate about making money online and being your own boss, it is a side hustle at first but then later pays off big time if you do not give up.

Need help getting started? I always recommend Wealthy Affiliate, Take this free course to see how it can change your life!

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