The Entrepreneur Certification at Wealthy Affiliate

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entrepreneur certification course


When you first become a member at Wealthy Affiliate your going to get started with the Entrepreneur Certification Course. Today I am going to give you an in depth look at what you will learn in this course and what to expect.

What Is The Entrepreneur Certification Course ?

This is the perfect course for beginners that want to learn how to make money online using affiliate marketing. Its going to walk you through step by step from understanding how making money online works to getting your website up and running. If you follow the training exactly, you will be on your way to having a successful online business! There are many people inside Wealthy Affiliate making a living online and they started here!

There are 5 courses with a total of 50 lessons. You can go through it as fast or slow as you want. There are videos as well as tasks for you to complete before you go to the next lesson that will move you forward.



Getting Started – Level 1

Level 1 introduces you to how the process of making money online works. This lesson was an eye opener for me because it made me realize the potential there is online. Its pretty exciting

You will get to create a free website within this level. You will see how easy it is, well how easy they make it for you I should say. Your going to learn about niches which is what your site will be about if you dont already know. Your going to get comfortable managing your website and how to customize it. This website will be free by the way.


Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website – Level 2

This level is going to introduce you to keywords and how to use them to get traffic to your website. If you want to make money you have to get traffic ( visitors to your site ) there are several ways in doing this. Traffic = money and Lots of traffic = Lots of money!

Making Money! – Level 3how to make money online

Exactly how does Affiliate Marketing work?  How much can you earn ? Level 3 gets into the nitty gritty:) Level 2 focused on content, by level 3 your website is looking good, you have some content. Level 3 is going to show you where and how to apply for affiliate programs and how to incorporate them into your website.

Affiliate marketing is really about helping people, not selling. People are online looking for something to maybe make their life easier or more fun or whatever. If they buy something from one of your links it is because you helped them find it and you made it easy for them to say yep, this is it. Click $$. Level 3 is also going to show other ways you can make money from your site such as using ads.

In level 3 you may be wondering how much traffic your actually getting to your site, You will learn how to check that using Google Analytics.

Mastering Social Engagement – Level 4

This level is all about leveraging social media to gain traffic as well as how to be social with people on your site such. You do not have to be on social media but you should because it is so huge.

Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation – Level5affiliate marketing success

By the time you get to this level of this course you should be really proud of yourself. You have come a long way! You have a website, you know how to manage it and you understand hoe making money with it works. So exciting!

A lot of people struggle with content because they think they have to be some kind of writer or author and you really dont. Your just giving people information through conversation style writing. This level is going to get you much more comfortable with creating content because the more content you create for your website the better. It will be second nature soon.

Level 6 is going to get much more in depth with the design of your content for more conversions, how to write content more efficiently, writing with intent. Your going to be a pro after this!

So that’s a rundown on the The Online Entrepreneur Certification. Perfect for beginners as well as people that have tried affiliate marketing or blogging and have failed at making money because they haven’t been given the right information the right way!

Anyone can be successful online, you do not need a college degree or experience. After you register let me know and I will be there to help you in any way possible as well as lots of other people in the community

How Long Does This Course Last ?

It is self paced so you can go as fast or slow as you want. You can log in and work on it at any time of day or night. There is 24/7 live chat inside WA and if you need to ask a question it gets answered pretty fast. If you ask me a question I will get back with you fast. I’m hanging out in the community every day.

If you have any questions let me know below in comments!

Talk to you soon!











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