Turn Your Hobby Into A Business

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If you have a hobby, you can share what you know with others that have the same interest or the same hobby through a website.

Putting up a website is ridiculously easy, do not let this part scare you away! It’s the easiest part.

With the proper tools and education you can monetize the site and grow it into a profitable business and make a full time income from it.

You Have A Head Start

A lot of people get into making niche websites because they are so profitable and it is an extremely affordable business to start. The first thing that is taught through Wealthy Affiliate is finding a niche. Since you already have one ( your hobby ) Your ready to go! A lot of people that decide to go into this business do not have a clue what they want their website to be about.

Another learning curve for beginner affiliate marketers is creating content around their niche. Depending on how well you know your hobby and how long you have been doing your hobby, creating content for your website will be an easy task as well.

Like I said earlier, putting up a website is easy, your main job after that is going to be putting lots of content on your website. Lots of posts like this one I am writing here. In the beginning this is going to be the most important part. It’s like growing a garden. Your first 50 to 60 post are like planting seeds. This is when you start to see a lot of traffic to your website and traffic = money!

Thanks to the internet having your own business can really be for anyone who is willing to put in the work because you do not need a bunch of capital or anything, just a computer and internet ( and good work ethic

Can Any Hobby Make Money ?turn your hobby into a business

I don’t know what your hobby is but I do know that the internet is worldwide and everybody uses it to search for everything. A lot of people think a particular niche is to competitive because its very popular for example golf or photography and they think that there are to many websites out there to compete with.

If you have a hobby that is extremely popular like golf or photography, you may not want to start a niche website on such a broad subject, you could always start a niche site on something very specific within that area, like best golf clubs for beginners for example.

Do not feel intimidated by others that already have websites similar to yours. Your website will rank for the way you create content and explain things.

On the other hand maybe you have a very different not so popular hobby. It still can be turned into a very profitable business. Even the tiniest of niches have millions of people in them!

Any hobby, any niche can be profitable.

Ways To Make Money With Your Website

Once your website is up and running and you’re getting traffic then there are several ways you can start earning money from it.

  • Affiliate marketing – these are links that affiliate programs or companies give you when promoting their products or services. Anytime someone clinks on the link and makes a purchase, you get paid commission. This is one of the most popular ways and you can make a ton of money this way. Once you get traffic!
  • Ads – placing ads on your site
  • E Commerce – Selling a product
  • Info Product – Putting together an informative product to help people with something

Affiliate marketing is a very common way to make money from a website. Amazon is a very common program to sign up with if you have products on your site that you are want to link back to them. But there are literally hundreds of other companies that pay their affiliates and some pay better than Amazon does, Amazon is just so popular. Everyone shops on Amazon. Some sites make thousands per month just by using affiliate links.

How Much Money Do You Want To Make ?

The way I see it is it may take you 6 months to 2 years depending on your work ethic but you’re going to spend 4 years getting a bachelors degree or 6 years getting a master’s degree and there is no cap on how much money you can make as an online business owner. 1K, 5k, 10k. A lot of the people doing this are not college grads, they started with no experience.

I’ve heard of people making a full time income after 6 months and others it can take a year or 2. It really depends on fast you are planting those seeds!

Once your site is getting ranked, getting traffic and making money, you can kinda relax a little. You do have to maintain your site but your seeds have sprouted. A lot of people at this stage will start a 2nd website since they are not needed on the other one full time anymore.

Some people grow a site, sell it for thousands and just keep doing that again and again. Yep. People buy and sell websites for good money.

The sky really is the limit with stuff! It’s so exciting 🙂

OK so you probably can’t wait to get started, I don’t blame you! This type of business can really be rewarding. Like I said earlier, All the hard work is done in the beginning, once your site gets evolved and is pretty much making money while you sleep you can literally work on it a few hours a day, you can work from where ever you want and ultimately make as much money as you want doing what you love! so all that means more freedom in your life right?

How To Start Learning About Affiliate Marketing

To be successful there are a few things you need to learn and get good at after you build your site such as content creation that converts, you need to learn about getting your site ranked in the search engines. A lot of the times they will rank well if you’re writing good quality content.

Your first few months are critical to your success

You can start a website with Bluehost and find free information online on affiliate marketing and try to do it yourself or you can sign up with a trusted community such as Wealthy Affiliate or Income School that will walk you through the steps making sure you’re doing all the things that will ensure your website is a success. Wealthy Affiliate has a free membership that actually gives you a lot step by step lessons. Income School is another one I recommend for beginners but they do not have a free membership.

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Kelly 🙂


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