What is Affiliate Marketing And Does it Work? Who Is It For ?

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In this post I am going to introduce you to affiliate marketing and why it is a very lucrative business that anyone can do because of how powerful the internet is. Affiliate Marketing may be an intimidating word but don’t worry once you learn what is is and what it can do for you, your going to be less intimidated.

What Affiliate Marketing Is NOT ?

Affiliate marketing is NOT an MLM, It is NOT network marketing or direct selling. There is no recruiting or anything like that. No keeping inventory of products, there is no paperwork, no shipping.

I went through all those things before I found out that I could have my own online business just using my computer and internet. 

So dont let the term affiliate marketing intimidate you. If you want to make money online ( real money ) not from doing surveys and playing games, affiliate marketing is where it is at!

You might like affiliate marketing if you are the entrepreneur type, if you like a challenge, if you want to work for yourself, if you want to make more money or retire early. With affiliate marketing it is possible for anyone that isn’t afraid of working hard because this business is cheap and easy to start but reaps HUGE rewards$$


What is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work ?

Affiliate Marketing is simply connecting people with the products or services they are already looking for online. You do this through a website and the awesome thing is your website can be about whatever you want.

Have you ever gone online to find information or get help with a problem ? Of course you have, everyone has. As a matter of fact billions of people do everyday. Billions of people shop online everyday. According to Statista in 2019 an estimated 1.92 billion people purchased goods or services online.


what is affiliate marketing and does it work


You would be the affiliate and would make commission when someone buys a product or service from or through your website. This is one of the major ways websites and/or blogs make money and its not uncommon for bloggers to make a very nice income from this. Really as much as they want, there is so much opportunity online and its growing every year because people like to shop online. 


how to make money online

An example… Lets look at these steps again…

how to build a niche website

Lets say your passionate about photography so your website is about that, Maybe your niche will be best cameras for outdoor photography. well you would talk about and review and recommend cameras and different things having to do with cameras on your website. Your visitors to your website purchase something and you would get commission.

For example say you become an affiliate with Amazon. This is just one example, there are hundreds of companies that love for people to recommend their products and pay you when there is a sell. So the company would give you a personalized link and when a purchase is made you get commission.

Like I mentioned earlier, the awesome thing about this type of business is there is no inventory, no shipping , no paperwork... All you need is internet and a computer. Your job is going to be running a website, sharing information with your visitors, recommending products and sending them to the companies that sell these products and your getting paid for it!

Unlimited Potential ( You can make a lot of money )

There are hundreds and hundreds of  affiliate programs out there to sign up with. Just about every company has an affiliate program and pays bloggers and website owners to recommend their products. There are billions of people  online every minute of everyday searching and making purchases online! The income potential is unlimited!


Does It Work? ( Heck Yea ! )

Affiliate marketing is a real thing and thousands of hardworking individuals out there make a living doing it. Its not uncommon to see affiliate marketing site earn 5,000, 10,000 or more a month from their site. Yes it is work and there is learning involved but with the right mindset anyone  can do it.  The income potential is unlimited.

Affiliate marketing is not a scam by any means but beware there are tons of affiliate marketing training programs out there that are. They will promise you some unrealistic promises to get you to buy their course which usually cost a lot and you end up going through a course with no ongoing mentoring. 




I’ve attached a helpful video that explains making money online below

how to make money online

Who Is Affiliate Marketing For?

Well like I said above , anybody. Anybody can start their own online business and to make money that is exactly how you would have to treat it…like a business! Tend to it every day and watch it grow! It is for

  • entrepreneurial minded people
  • people who want to start their own business without needing a ton of money
  • people who want to work from anywhere
  • people who want to make extra money
  • hardworking focused people
  • people that love to learn and grow
  • people who realize there is a better way than your typical 9-5 making someone else rich 
  • ect


Who Is It Not For?

It is not going to be for the ones who are not in it for the long haul. If your looking for an easy get rich idea, this is not it. Actually you will not find that anywhere ( unless you win the lotto 🙂 Running a business is work but can reap amazing rewards $$$$ ( retire early and comfortably, travel more, spend more time with family ect: )

How To Start Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

Just like a professional football player needs a coach, You need a coach or mentor to help you get up and running, teach you the ropes of affiliate marketing and get you making money.

My #1 Resource For Affiliate Marketing Training – I’m Always Looking!

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for not just starting your online business but growing it. This is where I started and I know its legit plus if you are completely new to the idea of making money online its perfect for beginners as it walks you through step by step AND you can dive in for free!

They are a one stop shop as they host your website, let you purchase your own domain when your ready and have support when it comes to your websites functionality, security ect, plus online business training to make sure whatever your goals are you will achieve them.

One thing I really like about Wealthy Affiliate is it is never ending learning and support which is good because no matter where you are in your journey your always going to be learning and growing and needing to be keeping up.


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